An essential part of keeping all band activities operating.  Fundraising allows us to do more, with less.  Everyone knows that school funding is tight, especially when it comes to the arts.  That’s where you come in…

We rely heavily on parents and students to help us achieve our goals.  Some of our goals include paying for trips, instruments and repairs of instruments, reward activities, competitions and celebrating our seniors nearing the end of their high school adventure.

We have some partnerships set up that help with fundraising, such as our concessions stand and the University of Arizona.  But this does not cover all of our expenses.  We look to parents and students to help lend their creativity and ingenuity to get us through.

We are alway looking for assistance.  If you can help please let us know, there are many ways to assist it can be as involved as planning a fundraiser to as simple as providing a case of water for our young musicians.

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